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"Its not a map its a journey"

"Peer pressure is very real. Rallying can go either way. Be careful and think whom you choose as your friends. People want to belong and have a sense of belonging. If you feel neglected somewhere you might look somewhere else. You should be able to be pleased with your deeds when you close your eyes at night and be at peace with your deeds. Live long without 'burning out' and do onto others as you do to yourself."

World famous art photographer Meryl Meisler's grandfather Murray Meisler came from Galizia, Poland to United States out of necessity and was a transman. Hungarian-origin grandmother Elizabeth, "my yankee grandma", grew up on a farm in Wisconsin; a very 'blue-collar' background.

Grandfather was "very strict disciplinarian". Grandmother was "very sweet nurturing caretaker". "Parents were very devoted; kids always number one." Very 'family that plays together stays together'. "Siblings were best friends. Parents were very hard-working and adventurous and had a sense of humor." Very "you don't have to be a 'nudist' to visit a 'nudist colony' etcetcetc Very open-minded and free-spirited, in their own way".

This made Meryl Meisler's artwork "very open-minded; try things but still have to have 'a trade' to fall back on". Initially came "Meryl Meisler, school art teacher" not "a risk-taker".
"A shy ambivert and workaholic, bringing a photo camera
has always been 'grounding'. Definetely in middle of introverted and extroverted, but can go to extremes. Sometimes it's time to 'sit still' and sometimes it's time to 'move around."

"Daddy", rather than 'father', raised Meryl to be "an individual even though he worked a lot he came home every night"; so no 'Daddy Issues' there. "I'm very lucky. Daddy admired people with real talent as a "God's gift".
"Sunny", rather than 'mother', "was vivacious and Unforgettable"; despite having three kids she went back to work as soon as possible and always had multiple array of full-time jobs
and "as soon as she found her calling she 'stuck with it'; she instilled 'a sense of loyalty''. 'Meryl Meisler the photographer' is "a blend of both parents".

"Close", Meryl's mother and aunt were "very close", and "best friends"; they "kept family together". Patricia Ryan, 'life partner', and Meryl Meisler went to school together and their 'child', their 'doggy', is named via VIA.

"Taking photos was a way of relating to grandfather, not dad. Initially was just "something we did. Photographing at Bronx Zoo was my 'going fishing'. Grandfather was not a very 'warm person'
but he liked photographing." Now world-famous photographer, Meryl "took" what she learns from her "religious yet very progressive parents" as model and "kept going".

"I didn't go to photograph. I photograph where I was going". And she "kept going", and keeps going, particularly with her second photography book "Purgatory and Paradise". "This explains what 'eye' I have. A lot of people were photographing 'the clubs'.
I see mine as 'funny', but mine caught on. Culture is essential. Cultural is something that grows and develops. You are what you 'eat'.
"It also helps to be encouraged, absolutely. To to be spoken to in a positive manner.
Exposure to an admiration for arts in general. Very important exposing younger people to vast array of the Arts".

Back to "Purgatory and Paradise" book, there are a lot of juxtapositions between recent times.
Both happened during a major economic recession.
One decade a loft space could have been purchased for $15,000 another $150,000.
Both had a crazy and very monetary viable 'nightclub scene'
and also a huge Art Gallery scene that popped up practically out of nowhere and "throughout that there were always exciting young people".

"For a younger person, its ok to be different. I am product of my background. Who knows? I maybe would have been a different person. Its not a map its a journey. It's healthy to have role models to know that you are not alone in this universe.
Yes, there are those people who are 'shooting stars', but there's a place for all of us.

Advice for a young 'creative':

Keep doing it.

Preserved it.

Keep going.

Stay healthy, so you can live long enough to enjoy it.
It's like a parking spot, eventually you'll find one.

You're here for a reason.

Look for helpers.

You and your life is worthwhile.


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Sunday, July 8, 2018


Nestled closely to Hudson Yards and Times Square is a welcoming oasis from New York's frantic pace in the Cachet Boutique Hotel.

Eden is truly an inviting sanctuary complete with a refreshing full-bar featuring summer speciality drinks: Rose in The Garden, Cucumber Gimlet, "El Rey" Paloma as well as many other tasty concoctions.

The music while dining is relaxing and uplifting. Many retro tunes evoke nostalgia with good vibes overall.

Dining option favorites include: Burrata (fig, pickled onion on grilled sourdough), the Chunky Guacamole and House Cured Salmon. 

Entrees Simply Grilled feature a Vegan Cauliflower Steak, Scrumptous Seafood dishes as well as NY Strip and Free-Range Chicken.

Salad lovers can rejoice too; Romaine Hearts Caesar, Grilled Portobello with truffle, Farro and Kale along with many more to choose from.

Eden proudly incorporates a farm to table philosophy to ensure a harmonious experience from start to finish.

The grand finale' local 'Eat No Evil will complete the palate with Bucket 'O Churros, Seasonal Sorbet, Vanilla Creme Brulee. "Saving the Beat for Last, (like the Vanessa William's song) is the Whiskey Brownie Tower. Enough said.

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Writer: Adena Geiger @adenadawn

Photographer: Agnes Guan 

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Scumbag(the movie) available now on:


Model: Angelala

mua: DjColby for MAC cosmetics


* What has been your inspiration to dedicate yourself to music?  

Dezi 5:  "My inspiration has always been humanity. I want the world to get along just as much as they do when they are on the dance floor when I am performing."

* When you crucified yourself on the cross during a performance, no one complained? Were you afraid of the reaction of the Catholic Church? Here in Spain, it's possible you would have been arrested. .

Dezi 5: " When I performed the Crucifixion it was kinda like Eve in the Garden of Eve, it was totally desired by the club kids. I lost some great musicians and maybe more gigs in Texas, people called me sacrilegious. I wasn't afraid of the Catholic Church because the worst thing you can do is kill me, I if I am not mistaking thou shalt not KILL."

* Now, you just performed at the legendary rock club, The Bitter End. What does this mean for you? How was your show received? How was this show different for you?

Dezi 5: " This show means a lot because some of my favorite national artists have played that stage, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Curtis Mayfield, and Norah Jones. The show was received well and I was told that no one has turned that place out the way I did. It wasn't different from any other show because it was ME."

* What projects do you have in store from DEZI 5 this year?

Dezi 5: "I am working on new remixes and a few singles with a handful of noted New York LGBT performers and recording artists. I have a brand new album coming soon and I  am performing at SXSW for my label 11A Records."

Thank you for your time, DEZI and hope to see you perform in Europe soon

- Lydia Z. (Spain)

Monday, February 12, 2018


With that recurring trend for Fall/Winter 

continues to be bold, 

flowery-sweaters-and-surgical-mask chic, 

the Asia Fashion Collection nailed these styles with sheer finesse.

Asia Fashion Collection, 

their 5th annual event, 

invites aspiring designers in 





Hong Kong 

to showcase their looks and compete to win a spot at New York Fashion Week.

Before the U.S. show, 

10 designers held a show in Japan in October 2017.  


Coming up: Asia Stage in April 2018.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018


Fashion Week is finally back again. . 

Carlos Campos New York kicked-off the festivities with a vibrant afternoon runway show in Chelsea.

This Latin American designer celebrated his cultural roots with music and style icons in his latest collection.

Bold hues of blue along with crisp white fabrics graced the catwalk along with simple patterns; in other words, "chic minimalism" was the overall theme.

"Juan Gabriel was always unapologetically himself, for that he will forever be, 'El Divo'."


Epson's "Digital Couture" Fashion Presentation Fall/Winter 2018 was held nighttime at the South Street Seaport Pier 17.

Guests braved the frigid elements for this spectacular group of designers.

Lau Lua' (Michele Gevaerd): Brazil

(We noticed a film crew from 'E' entertainment circling the designer when we arrived)

Haley Elsaesser: Canada

Katy Coo: Chile

Stephanie Ruiz: Ecuador

Eduardo Figueroa: Guatemala

Emilio Mata: Mexico

Isle Jara: Paraguay

Anna Maria Guiulfo: Peru

Luna Cantillo: Columbia

Candace Cuoco: United States

Fernando Alberto: United States

Thomas Jefferson University: Alexandra Pizzigoni and Patricia Franklin (US)

ThreeASFOUR: Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhaiser and Ado Gil

Each label brought vivid, colorful prints to life with bomber jackets, patterned painting suits, full length gowns, and so much more.


Photos by 
Agnes Guan & ADENA@NiTE

Article by

#adenaatnite #adena@nite