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Beau Johnson new remix

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No Comment in Paris, France

The Butterfly Club in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Glamlife with Jessica Wild & Richie LaDue - Guest list!
The Glamorous Life in Boston, Massachusetts

Saturday, February 23, 2013


they're movin 2 HAWAii . . so U snooze U lose . . (performed there lat f.week 4 fashion's night out)

Please, make time correction. The Salon will take place from 8pm - midnight.


This is the last (46th!!!!!!) art salon at mythical Gilles and Louda Larrain studio in SoHo at 95 Grand street on February 28th. We are moving to Kauai, The Garden Island of Hawaii.
Once happily transplanted in the Pacific, we will welcome our friends to join us in this earthy paradise.
Famous white sangria, Champagne and the gastronomical delights "a la Gilles" are awaiting for you on February 28th....
An original art work will be won by one of you salonistas at the raffle that comes with the admission of $30.
To make our move to the other side of the planet easier we are selling all of our furniture and some of the art. Have a look around the studio and let us know if anything attracts you.
Exhibiting Artist:

Kelly Forsyth

Kelly Forsyth has spent the last 10 years on an alchemic quest to achieve color strictly through the use black line drawing. Prior to taking on this impossible task Mr. Forsyth graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA and promptly set about creating artwork for innumerable bands that very few people have ever heard of. Mr. Forsyth has shown work with the Antagonist Art Movement in New York City and some of this work can be seen on Facebook @ The Art of Kelly Forsyth.

Olivia Larrain

Olivia Larrain is an "unofficial artist" who enjoys doing what she wants when she wants like she wants. She could also be called a "spoiled artist." Either way, she rarely shows the fruits of her labor. For the last Gilles Larrain Art Salon, Olivia will exhibit a few of her favorite subject matter pieces, Skulls and Demons. She hopes you will like them...

Jose Luis Navarro

Upon mention of the violin, most would immediately turn their minds to classical music. However, Jose Luis Navarro adds his unique style to the vibrant and often risqué electric violin shows he produces. Incorporating eye-popping, Avant-garde outfits and fierce dance moves, Jose certainly raises his violin performances to the next dimension. He has gone from performing at small night clubs all the way to his solo appearances at The Headdress Ball and the MAC AIDS Fundraisers where he has most certainly left a lasting impression.

Hayley McCulloch

Ink Avec: We need some wording for your 2013 exhibitions..
Hayley McCulloch: It's so nice not having to write about my work right now.
I think that ever since I took up writing seriously again, I'm experiencing a liberation from feeling the need to update my artist statement.
Ink Avec: Really? But don't you think that when you're asked to present your new works, it helps to give context? Like, It adds complimentary dimension to the craft? You might resist casting definitions, but you said before that it was also a natural and integral part of the realization of the visual work
Hayley McCulloch: Did I say that? Can we please talk later, maybe? I'm constantly busy with the visuals and the dialogue. The shows really do speak for themselves.
Ink Avec: But you speak through your characters, no?
Hayley McCulloch: Can one of my finger puppets answer that question?
Ink Avec: I'd be delighted
Sid Vicious: And I'm delighted to be the middle finger puppet. It's such an arse ache to read artist accolades, press releases and nancy-boy statements. Why don't you just fuck off mate and come back on the actual night of the gig.
Ink Avec: Moi oui, fair enough.

Gemma Sherry

Hailing from a small country town in the Australian outback and now NYC based, Gemma Sherry is a striking vocalist with a voice that has been described as “velvet”. While her musical roots lie in classical jazz, and other melodic touchstones include acid jazz, R n B and Soul, her voice and performance style is distinctly her own.
After two years of working with various NY producers, and her recent collaboration with Grammy nominated Public Enemy’s producer Johnny “Juice” Rosado, this is going to be her first live performance of her new material. Be prepared to groove with this little Aussie that is a long, long way from home.
© 2011 Gilles Larrain | 95 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013

still looking 4 work . .



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Berlese Funnel
Curated by Ana C. Garcia
February 23 - March 10, 2013 
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 23, 6 - 9pm  
Artists: Andrew Sutherland, Édouard Nardon and Evan Robarts

White Box is pleased to announce the opening of Berlese Funnel, an exhibition showcasing new works by artists Andrew Sutherland, Édouard Nardon and Evan Robarts. Curated by Ana C. Garcia,Berlese Funnel highlights and separates each artist's distinct creative process, most apparent in their different uses of materials; on the other hand, the show also references their interest in and celebration of the various historical genres that have impacted their work. In all cases, what results, or rather funnels out, are compositions and constructions that are at times moving and other times humorous and ironic.

Andrew Sutherland's overall body of work has flair of the postmodern, while harking back to major figures in modern art. Using materials such as corrugated cardboard, vinyl and medium density fiberboard, his work recalls iconographic minimalists Sol LeWitt, Tony Smith and even sometimes Frank Stella. He works as a composer of mundane materials and uneventful spaces and creates nature-inspired artworks with a modern twist.

Édouard Nardon's objects and two-dimensional works reveal a European classic sense of style and the artist seems equipped to infuse simple matter with emotional significance. His choice of materials on a formal level, combine both his personal experiences with those industrially produced, juxtaposing the soft with the solid.

Evan Robarts' work displays a rather introspective approach,using dissonant found objects and various non-traditional materials to turn them into playful three-dimensional statements, seemingly nostalgic of childhood. However, there is interplay between art and science that is relevant to the current time, using these objects to find new interactions with form, material, and even identity.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Project "Discover J" is coming soon!  
What is "DISCOVER J"?

A new collaborative project to broadcast Japan, its unique traditional history, and its aesthetic sensibilities to the world.


The traditional culture and aesthetic sensibilities of Japan are both unique and universally regarded as world-class assets. Essential to this culture and sensibilities is a desire to live in symbiotic harmony with nature; respecting its changes and bounties. Traditionally, Japanese have strived for a lifestyle with aesthetic value, both physical and spiritual.

"Origin Stories of Japan" is a new collaborative project to introduce the world about Japan, its traditional history, and its aesthetic sensibilities. J-collabo seeks to share the Japanese sense of beauty, its underlying principles and its relevance to global culture. Through collaborations with various artists, J-collabo promotes Japanese aesthetics and engages in mutually beneficial interactions with other races, ethnic groups, nationalities and religions. We will continue our efforts to become a unifier between Japanese culture and the cultures of the world.


We are excited to announce our J-MEMBER, the brilliant contemporary artist Yuichi Sugai.

about my work   
It is often said that people became more aware of their own cultural heritage when they are away from their own country. My case is no exception.  Living in a foreign country, the interest and the empathy toward my native country, Japan, its history and culture, and the era I grew up in, grew deeper and deeper.

My generation were brought up under a strong influence of American culture.  It planted a great admiration to America, and a neglect toward our own cultural heritage.  To seriously look back into my own background and where I came from, it took me over five years of living in the USA.

My works are an homage, an admiration, a nostalgia, and sometimes a big question mark to my own Japanese heritage and the Shouwa period in which I grew up.

If my works could represent a psychological landscape of my generation, I have nothing more to add.

Yuichi  Sugai

still looking 4 work. .




  • Here iS my FiRST opinion piece about a member (no pun intended) of the clergy church tryna shut down a drag show

    my first one :)


     here's an opinion piece about a member (no pun intended) of the clergy church tryna shut down a drag show

    my first one :)



    Hey baby,
    how are U? :) 

     i rarely write on my docu-blog,actually i just lost my docu-blog virginity cause iT iS my first piece on here, no pun iNtended (other than my lyrics)  but this is important. . 
    so here goes:

    I am catholic, and im also russian orthodox ( i KNOW, don't ask . . )

    i may not be religious any longer (though i do my occasional church excursion and used 2 sing in church on Sundays . . U get the picture) , but above all i am, and hoping to always remain, spiritual . .

    and  iN OH HELL NO WAY do i feel like Jesus (in this case) would try to do this kind of thing (ban drag performers from times square, of all places). . 

    doesn't it say in the bible "judge and you shall be judged" ?

     (hyPATHETiCal QUESTiON btw)

    and frankly, not ALL the drag queens are even gay (or men, like DiRTY (MARTiNI) and BOB (WORLD FAMOUS) for that matter;
     there are ones, known ones, that are str8r than a metrosexual . .  
     yet they just seem 2 enjoy wearing woman's clothes.

    Hey, more power 2 U !

    U know what they say (whomever they are):
     "iT takes a REAL MAN 2 wear a dress" (and iM expanding on that with "and pull iT off") 

     Though not ALL drag queens are entertainers, they are performance artists !!!
    and as a music artist that performs i understand the process
      (though not fully;
     i never actually wanted 2 look like a woman or be one;

     i just can be androgenous; i used be REALLY andro; just being myself allso . . 

     though i did tell years ago to some guy i used 2 know that

     "i will show U what kind of girl i can look like and U r still gonna wanna fuck me" 

    and WOman did i show him . .


     apparently certain ppl still remember a certain MARY-KATE OLSEN iNspired halloween costume that i wore 2 a huge event from years ago  . .

    (wen they were saying she 's bulimic etc)

     consisting of a wig i bought from the hooker that used 2 c0-squat upstairs from me iN BK same house wen i ran away from home as iN late teens, 
    a vintAge camisole that makes Victoria's Secret look like iTs made of gold,
     those push Up thingys as breasts pushing up my (hairy @ the time @ least, thank you very much) pecs,
     my desert boots that no ONE was wearing, literally, at least from my circle that i sowed jewels on,
     (the war was starting and ALL those kids from rotc iN MVHS were prob heading there, so thought i lil show of solidarity was due)
    (actually Fucked Up Fact: how do U send a father and mother to war and leave their baby with one of their mothers; what iF they both died! WTF! (iN a bad way),  
    a bucket with laxatives and a toothbrush iNside


    and a Strafux cup iN my hand, of course,

      (detailed much)

    last, but never least,

    ta da!

    make-up by AMAZiNG


     (haven't seen you @round since that art opening over the summer . .
     luv u :) x0x0  ) 

     actully U were there also @ said event with ex-husband . ::heehee:
     (witness! )

    or the fairly recent AMY (WiNEHOUSE) 

    (with full on makeup and lots of objectss stuffed hair that i also wore to another big
     (at least at the time)

     from wen the whole getting attacked wen goin 2 a dif thing inside by a security guy @ sum 18th street place for no reason  where i had also recently, then @ least recently, walked iN RiTCHiE's (RiCH) show  ;

    but the whole place did walk out & never got a chance 2 say 

     THANK U! :) 

    ok back to the drag queens  ::phew:
    (ever watch "RuPAUL's DRAG RACE . .
     iTs on LOGO, they gay channel. .
     courtesy of MTV,  u should check iT . . 
     @ least once . .  
    why not?
     iTs only a tv show;
     iTs not like iM asking U 2 murder anyone;
     though there are ppl that act as if drag performers and trans ppl are killing  simply by being themselves.

    well U r "killing them" baby . .
    YeSS you are BABY!!

    YeSS YOU iS!!

    so U better WORK!!

    but that iS a whole diff piece (pun iNtended)
     esp trans iS hormonal & also cerebral etc etc  
    U R basically supposed 2 b born that sex, 
    but nature played a cruel joke on U. .  
    not even ethically-speaking;
     iTs proven by science . .
     and not the whats his name science guy ::heehee: 
    which i may or may have not @ one point  allegedly watched 
    ("lawyer speak"; oh yea! i can do that also. ::heehee: next!)

    But ABOVE ALL they are PEOPLE,

     just like you and i, 

    who have:


     U know who iM talking to ;)
     get Ur ass up away from the mirror and wigs and go walk around daytime; maybe even iN Ur garb; 
    oh wait U can do that 2MORO;
     btw LUV that ran iNto LEO (GUGU . .glammy-award-winner) on the stReets recently iN full garb),


     the ones that don't, as long as Ur a good person, oh well their loss . . they just dont know how beautiful you are cause they cant look past the dress;
    or maybe they think U look 2 good iN the dress. . who knows . .who cares. .they dont . 

    .moving on .

    =>on a another note .  . .
    or the stepper (dub-step) kids (as a junior raver i understand) 
    and the hipsters (i def understand ;) though i did skip the tat part, 
    but U best believe i can put them piecings iN real quick; 
    maybe even the tongue one; 
    Do not get any ideas!
     that's exactly Y i took iT out iN the first place years ago, <=

    and last but never least they have 


    (remember those;
     ppl have them;
     comes with the territory of BEing a human being . .)

    so will you join iN a peaceful demonstration in Times Square this Sunday to show the world
     (invite below)

     that we, as NEW YORKERS, 

    and frankly ALL the citizens of the world
     (iT iS a global community after ALL) 

    refuse 2 stand for such bullshit 
    (there is no other better word around iT).

    Frankly as a half- catholic

     (::heehee:: iTs kinda funny wen u say iT out loud;
    try iT! 
    almost like a tongue twiSSter

    i am embarassed for oUr clergy molesting little children etc etc
     with their own dresses on

     (got that from EPiPHANY (GET PAiD) polish ass' plea on facebook by the by)
     while they, as of now, are repressing others . . 

    iTs just wrong. .  

    i dont care iF U love drag queens or hate them,

     iTs just iNCORRECT!



     (iN a bad way) 

    what's next?

    little girls have 2 wear corsaits?

    so they can wear them, apparently, but men can't. .

    hey iF they wanna, iTs their CHOiCE allso :)

    (oh wait; hopefully that's just revisiting & revising the past; 
    and as i LiVE iN the future i PROTEST! )

    so much 4 that draggiNg iSsue  .. ::heehee:

    iF U ever fealt like dressing as a woman, or a man, full-on or partially, 


    here iS Ur chance. .

    so no excuses 
     (wen they're due-less)
    Bo :)