Friday, November 29, 2013

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Anlaug Jakobsen, 
Barbara Czapran, 
Håkon Anton Fagerås, Helen Eriksen, 
Istvan Listez, 
Janne Kruse, 
Mari Røysamb, 
Paul Brandt, 
Pierre Lionel Matte, 
Ståle Sørensen 
and Lucie Noël Thune, Sverre Hoel, 
Tonje Ramstad, 
Vigdis Storsveen "
A Cool Wind Blows: Sculpture from Norway" at NOoSPHERE 

"Allegory and Illusion" 
Early Portrait Photography from South Asia 
curated by 
Beth Citron, 
Rahaab Allana 

curated by 
Anthony Tino, 
Laura Blüer 

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also check oUt

  • Our yearly salon show with smaller gift giving works continues with back to back receptions November 29th and 30th from 6-9PM. If you prefer less crowded environment we suggest November 29th. If you want to be a part of one of the largest small village holiday celebrations in New England please join us on the 30th for Ivoryton Illuminations. We look forward to seeing our old friends, and making some new ones. There will be a diverse display of works from multiple new artists and surprise guests.
    We are expecting over 3,500 people for the Ivoryton Illuminations on November 30th starting at 5PM, ending late at the Gallery!
    Local artists Carol Dunn, recently commissioned to beautify the Hotel Chandler in NYC, featured in INK Magazine, Salmagundi Club elect Jan Blencowe, Yale Center for British Art conservator Jessica David, Lyme Academy instructor Tara Rose Smith, current and former CWA presidents Nancy Whitcher and Sherri Parenteau, multiple award winning artists Claudia Van Nes , Colleen Blackard, Rosemary Cotnoir, Lisa Tellier, Jennifer Tilley Voegtle, Pat Kelbaugh,Mary Wise Smith, Paul Ott, Keith Dobran, Nicole Brauch, television personality and artist Sally Jessy Raphael, are just some of the talent taking part in this special show.
    We have original work by Steven Assael, Leonor Fini and Anne Bachelier.

6 Summit StreetIvoryton, Connecticut 06442

. . Friday NYC . .

    • 10:00pm until 3:00am

  • Joey Israel presents


    Come relieve yourself from the holiday stress with some
    STIFF HARD DRINKS and STIFF HARD GOGOS....and be sure to ask for 2nd's!

    Music by: CAZWELL


    Fuckin' GOGOS TOPS:

    Plus FREE FUCKIN' SHOTS at Midnight and 1am!

    500 W 48th st (off 10th Ave) NO COVER

500 West 48th StreetNew York, New York 10036

Thursday, November 28, 2013

. . Thursday other cities :) . .

  • 2 rooms of boom turkey special.
    (10,000 watts on the mainstage TWIN TOWERS OF BASS and another 2,000 in the second)

    Moon Bass/ NOV. 28th guests:

    - Pizza Tyme - TX // Heavy UK Dubstep
    - Lemmie Crews - FL (LIVE PA) // live production of downtempo EDM
    - Delicate Chaos - FL // Brostep
    - DrkStr - AL // big room house
    - Stylee - FL // drum & bass , dubstep, trap
    - Incolast Now - FL // trap

    +your Moon Bass residents:
    MindFlo , Aric Wilde, & The Orion Conspiracy
309 S. Reus St.Pensacola, Florida 32502

. . Thursday other cities :) . .

    • 6:00pm

  • BorderBody – Mixing Cities
    International video-art, photography, installation and performing art festival
    Opening: November 28th, 2013

    “BorderBody – Mixing Cities” exhibition will be held in the prestigious Palazzo Barone Ferrara in Bari (Italy), from November 28th to December 06th 2013. Thirty-three international artists have been selected to take part in this exhibition.

    “BorderBody – Mixing Cities” exhibition will be the first of 3 events held in Palazzo Barone Ferrara during the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. “BorderBody” cycle will consist of “Mixing Cities”, “Mixing Identities” and “Mixing Future” exhibitions. “Mixing Cities” deals with modern urban changes and their influence on citizens, on hybridization between identities and urban settings in contemporary time. Artworks’ selection is based on the main concept of fluidity, motion, changing networks and cities transformations. People, backgrounds, societies, progress and all their inputs creates hybrid identities, modifying each other and being mixed in prospect to shape a better world.

    Palazzo Barone Ferrara is a magnificent historic building of XIX century, symbol of importance and progress of the city. Located in the centre of Bari, is the headquarters and exhibition space of Banca Apulia bank.

    organizer: International ArtExpo
    curator: Luca Curci
    press office: It’s LIQUID

    exhibition & screening place: Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Bari (Italy)
    dates: from November 28th to December 06th 2013, from 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM and from 03.00 PM to 06.00 PM, at Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Vittorio Emanuele II n.102/A, Bari (Italy)

    opening: November 28th, 2013, at 06.00 PM, at Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Vittorio Emanuele II n.102/A, Bari (Italy)

    .featured artists
    Candaş Şişman . Turkey | Di Mainstone . UK | Jalila Essaïdi . The Netherlands | Paul Amlehn . New Zeland

    .video artists
    Sheryl Cheung . Taiwan | Fred. L’Epee . Switzerland | Kate MacDonald . Canada | AUG Ferdinand . USA | Toni Simò . Spain | Dénes Ruzsa . Hungary | Antonis Kourkoulos . Greece | Fouilhoux Biliana . France | Merve Goulding . Turkey | compagnie fabienne berger . Switzerland | Linda Riseley . Australia | Gabriella Parisi . Italy | Katarina Kaplarski . Serbia | Gregory Steel . USA | Peter Palvén . Sweden | Remapping Europe . European project | Elika Zarei . Iran | James Leonard . USA

    .photo artists
    Erin Solomons . UK | Antonis Kourkoulos . Greece | Andrea Colangiuli . Italy | Sabina Izu . Spain | Nicola Boccadoro . Italy | Carlos Torres Machado . USA | Sultana Raza . Luxembourg | Malgorzata Basinska . Poland

    .installation artists
    Antonella Zito . Italy | Simone Tripaldi . Italy | Robert Kirov . Switzerland | Alejandro Schianchi . Argentina

    During the event will be presented the stunning digital videos “Flux” and “Eff Lux” by Turkish artist Candaş Şişman; the amazing project “Human Harp” by London based artist Di Mainstone, and “Bulletproof skin” video by the founder of “BioArt Laboratories” Jalila Essaïdi.

    Candaş Şişman has received several awards since 2007, among which are an Honorary Mention from Prix ARS Electronica Computer Animation/Film/VFX and Best Prize in Sound Design from Roma Viedram Video Festival. London based artist and researcher Di Mainstone creates sculptures that connect to the body, designed to initiate movement and storytelling. Human Harp is a collaborative creative project led by Di Mainstone and supported by Queen Mary University of London. Jalila Essaïdi is an artist who uses biology – in particular ecology and the life sciences – as an artistic medium, and in 2010 she was a recipient of the Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award and got in 2012 a Honorary Mention in the Category of Hybrid Art of the Prix Ars Electronica 2012.

    In the exhibition area it will be possible to listen to the sound artwork “Paul Amlehn, John Cage, and William S. Burroughs – Interzone” by Paul Amlehn, who has collaborated on music projects with musicians from the bands of Lou Reed, David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits, and others, and with members of the Kronos Quartet, and Philip Glass Ensemble.

    The event is supported by Banca Apulia.

    International ArtExpo is an art organization that provides a significant forum for cultural dialogue between all artists from different cultures and countries. ArtExpo is grateful to all of the institutions, corporations, and individuals who support our artistic projects. We work with a number of national and international galleries as well as publishers, museums, curators and critics from all over the world. We help artists through solo and group exhibitions, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, internet promotion, as well as various curatorial projects.

    International ArtExpo
    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 33
    70122 Bari (Italy)

  • Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Vittorio Emanuele II n.102/A, Bari (Italy)
    Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Vittorio Emanuele II n.102/A, Bari (Italy)


    . . other cities :) . .

    • The Little House That Could will be having it's South American Premiere atCinema Mostra Aids held on Thanksgiving at 5:20 pm in Cine Olido (Sao Paulo, Brazil). This screening version will include Portuguese

      Emmy Award-winning stylist, Patricia Field, has done a lot more than Sex and the City. She has spent several decades saving lives and giving hope to lost outsiders who society frowned upon--transsexuals, club kids, drag queens, gay teenagers, butch-dykes, people who needed to escape from their hometowns because they were never understood. This is the story of a close-knit unconventional family in New York City--the House of Field--who have single-handedly changed music and fashion for the world several times over. Their story is one of courage, hope and dreams. In making this movie, Toronto filmmaker Mars Roberge becomes part of that family, returning to his homeland over a decade later with an uplifting story to tell of the little house that could. Made solely with the help of his friend, Bob Lesser *the one-man crew* and a couple friends here and there from 2006-2012.

    Av. São João, 47301035000 São Paulo, Brazil

    . . other cities :) . .


     ArtUntitled 2013 


    Paul Branca
    Alessandro Brighetti 
    Zoi Gaitanidou 
    Dmitry Gutov 
    Irina Korina 
    Jonathan VanDyke
    Booth B17
    December 4 - 8  2013 
    Untitled Pavilion
    12th Street and Ocean Drive
    Miami Beach FL
    For more information please contact the gallery:
    52 Orchard Street New York NY 10002 
    Wed.-Sat. 12N-6pm, Sun. 1-6pm and by appt.

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    . . Thursday NYC . .. (esp 4 ALL 4 "orphan" babys :/ :) . .

    Anlaug Jakobsen, Barbara Czapran, Håkon Anton Fagerås, Helen Eriksen, Istvan Listez, Janne Kruse, Mari Røysamb, Paul Brandt, Pierre Lionel Matte, Ståle Sørensen and Lucie Noël Thune, Sverre Hoel, Tonje Ramstad, Vigdis Storsveen "A Cool Wind Blows: Sculpture from Norway" at NOoSPHERE (formerly .NO)
    Chinatown/LES: 251 East Houston Street, 6-8pm

    Tour: Photography: "Allegory and Illusion" Early Portrait Photography from South Asia curated by Beth Citron, Rahaab Allana at Rubin Museum of Art
    17 street: 150 W 17 street, at seventh ave, 7-8pm

    "Salonukah" curated by Anthony Tino, Laura Blüer at Recession Art
    Brooklyn, Misc.: 47 Bergen Street, 7-10pm