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Mirabile's choreography draws upon historical images of martyrdom and transcendence to depict the physical manifestations of being unable to emotionally or intellectually process experience. 17 dancers use catharsis to elaborate on physical variations of control and lack of control.

The music is a collaboration by Dan Deacon (remix of Hildegard Von Bingen) and Mirabile (collage of Life Sim, Sango and Flume).

At 4pm a liaison will be stationed in the center circle of Allison Park (beachfront at 65th & Collins).

Visitors will be given a pair of headphones and a phone number to call, which will allow you to access to the audio for the performance.

The piece begins precisely at 4:30pm.


Performers include:

Alexandra Drewchin
Sigrid Lauren
Signe Pierce
Rivka Rose
Claire Fitzsimmons
James Thomas Marsh
Billy Fortini
Ana Lieberman
Arielle Max
Sarah Kinlaw
Sean Benjamin
Bebe Yama
Kelsea Bitcoin
Viva Bodyroll
Jason Jick
Bailey Catherine Nolan

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