Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday, January 19th, 2015 .. NYC

Illustrated Lecture by Amy Cunningham

Date: Monday, January 19th

Time: 8pm

Admission: $8

Location: Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424 Third Avenue, 11215 Brooklyn

The rule of simplicity which works so well in life also works great after death. 
As more families seize greater control over the cost and aesthetics of the American funeral, the casket may slowly fade from prominence as the burial shroud rises to prominence. 
In this illustrated lecture by New York funeral director Amy Cunningham, we'll scrutinize the employment of shrouds in Hindu, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. 
We'll gaze at the best shrouds in religious and art history, and see burial fabrics fit for emperors (Charlemagne's shroud was indeed a knock-out). 
Our lecture will conclude with a discussion of present-day, eco-friendly, shroud making. 
You'll learn why the burial shroud is the rock star of today's greener burial movement. 
We'll also study the work of several clever designers who hope we'll start taking our final outfits as seriously we select what we don't every day.

Amy Cunningham was a magazine writer and editor before her dad's memorial service got her caught up in the beauty and the power of a good funeral. 

She graduated from the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in 2010, and today helps New Yorkers plan meaningful end-of-life services while also maintaining a lively blog