Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thursday, January 15th, 2015 . . NYC

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Microsoft 11TS

11 Times Sq,

New York, 
New York 

For tickets: 

RSVP is required for building security -

Play the latest locally-developed games & interactive experiences with the creators. 

The event is free of charge & open to everyone. 

Generously hosted at Microsoft, at 11 Times Square in Manhattan.


Alt24 by Egg Zero
Anti-Cupid by Omayeli Arenyeka
Gemini by Echostone Games
Maya Breaker by Xanthous Ray
Mushroom 11 by Untame
Off-Peak by Cosmo D
Potatoman Seeks the Troof by Pixeljam
PX57 by Tiny Mantis/SMASHWORX
Space Disco by Devin Curry
The Omnomitron by Erin Finnegan
Vidar by Dean Razavi
XANTARA by Olga Andreyeva

Bunny Love by Computer Lunch
Don't Touch The White Zero by Canned Bananas llc
FlyBros by Bright Brothers
Kitty in the Box by Mokuni Games
Never Go Home by Goodnight Games
Once Upon a Runner by SaltyPepper Games
Prism Shell by Brooklyn Gamery
PUSH UP KING by Jonathan Alcontin
Sleepy Head: Survive to Sunrise by Melanie Hsu
Stellar Smooch by Jenny Jiao Hsia & Alec Thomson
Sticker Swap by Simple Machine
Sunburn! by Secret Crush

Boru mo by Kyle McKernan
Crystal Brawl by Studio Mercato
Dirtbags MotorClub by Eppy Games
Elbow Room by Deep Dark Hole
Final Phontasy by Jaewoong Hwang
Guns of Icarus by Muse
Liege by Coda Games
Manifest Destiny by Nikita Mikros, Wen Zheng, Aedan Roberts, Harry Bogosian, Alex Sherman
Nest by Ken Amarit
Nika by Studio Mercato
Nothing Good Can Come Of This by Michael Consoli, Cartwheel Games
PARTICLE MACE by Andy Wallace
Puppet Knights by Carl Farra and Brian Kang
RGBMix by Andrew J. LeVine, Gladys Chan
Skyhook by Megastorm Games
Slam City Oracles by Jane Friedhoff
Sombrero by PixelMetal
That Rock Paper Scissor Game! by Philosoplay
Zarvot by SnowHydra Games

Just Move It by Liu & Kim
Lie to the Devil by Jonathan Zungre & Winnie Song
Mare by Laura Chen
Nabi by Hanbyul+Sanniti
Super 2.5D Rift Platformer by Scott Tongue
Synthesis by Hart Laboratories
Terminus by David Cihelna + Yurika Mulase
Tilt. by </Pickard Mango>

Advent Saga by Pro-Gen Studios
AssassinCon by Binh Vo
Bad Medicine by Formal Ferret Games
Grifter by Black Coyotl
Magnets: The Game by Jeff Lyon
Splatterbomb by H-M Brown


Microsoft is wheelchair accessible.

The Microsoft building is across the street from Port Authority Bus Terminal.

By subway, use the ACE / NQR / BDFM / 7 / S, to 42nd St.


This is a safe and inclusive space where we respect people of all backgrounds. Please help us all be mindful of our speech and behavior. Harassment of any form is not tolerated, and in certain cases violators may be asked to leave the premises. If there's an issue, please let the event organizers know.

We welcome anonymous feedback via this form -

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