Saturday, February 7, 2015

More Saturday, February 7th, 2015 . . NYC

“No Service…” Book Launch | Events Calendar
“No Service…”Book Launch
Amy Goldrich, Nick Kline, Margrethe Aanestad, Endless Editions
80WSE Gallery at NYU Steinhardt
Greenwich Village / West Village | 80 Washington Square East, New York

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Amy Goldrich, 

Nick Kline, 

Margrethe Aanestad, 

Endless Editions 

Book Launch @ NYU’s 80WSE Gallery 

80 Washington Square East. 

New York, NY 10003 

Boyce Cummings: Stubborn Truths  | Events Calendar

Boyce Cummings: Stubborn Truths

Boyce Cummings



722 Metropolitan Ave 

Floor 2, 


Opening from 
On view 

Vision Quest Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski & Sheena Rose | Events CalendarVision QuestAmaryllis DeJesus Moleski & Sheena RoseMoCADARest Of Brooklyn | 

80 Hanson Place, Brooklyn

Opening from 
On view 
David Flaugher and Davina Semo  | Events Calendar

Opening from 
On view 

B. David Walsh:  Extracted Bedroom Project  | Events CalendarB. David Walsh: Extracted Bedroom Project
B. David Walsh
Open Source Gallery
Park Slope | 306 17th Street, Brooklyn

Opening from 
On view 
Peter Bruno and Joe Elliot  | Events Calendar

On Saturday, February 7th at 8:00 p.m. 
The Shed will be hosting a reading by Joe Elliot and Peter Bruno. 
Peter Bruno is a writer, 
and artist living in Rutland, Vermont. 
His stories have appeared in Promethean and The Salon. 

Peter had a solo show of his photographs and mixed media at The Shed in September 2012; he’s very happy to be back reading from his manuscript, 
Garibaldi Avenue.
 Joe is the author of numerous chapbooks including: 
You Gotta Go In It’s The Big Game, 
Poems To Be Centered On Much Much Larger Sheets Of Paper,
 15 Clanking Radiators, 
14 Knots amongst others. 

His work has appeared in many magazines,
 including The World, 
The Poker, 
Giants Play Well In The Drizzle, 
The Poetry Project Newsletter, 
Torque, Chain, 
and Arras. 

Refreshments will be served

feel free to bring your favorite sippycup.


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