Monday, February 2, 2015

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 . . NYC

  • 6:00pm

  • The Cooper Union

    Cooper Square, 

    \New York, 
    New York 

Cuba - Humanism Under Siege: Maria de Los Angeles Rodriguez Jimenez & Pedro Galindo-Landeira (7th Floor)

Ghana - Documenting Craft: Alyssa Davis (5th Floor)

Puerto Rico - Land, Crop, Symbol: Andrea Recalde & Sam Friedberg (6th Floor)

Zellij and Islamic Architecture - Craft in a Contemporary Context: Phong Kiwi Nguyen & Maja Hjerten Knutson (6th Floor)

America's Fourth 
Coast - Industrialization Along the Mississippi River: Arta Perezic & Nick Pacula (5th Floor)

Spain and Morocco - The Strait between the Known and Unknown: Pedram Sazesh & Emmanuela Soria (6th Floor)

Foundation Building of the Cooper Union


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