Friday, March 20, 2015

More Friday, March 20th, 2015 . . NYC

Edward Shenk and Victor Vaughn's

"KOTH Vol. I" 

book release

Date: Friday 3/20
Time: 7 - 10 PM

KOTH is the second incarnation of New York-based Edward Shenk and Victor Vaughn's series, King's Hill. 

This series of fan-gaze removals initially debuted mid-2014 under a commission from Rhizome. 

With KOTH, 
Vaughn and Shenk continue to channel the aesthetic of the defunct Mike Judge cartoon in order to mine the fan art form, 
testing the limits these characters have as vessels of empathy as they wade through both loss and obsession.

"KOTH Vol. I," is a full-color book continuing the series

We're pleased to announce that authors Dorothy Howard and Tim Gentles will give a short presentation expanding on their essay Cartooning the Body
curator Chelsea Haines will moderate a discussion between the authors and artists.