Thursday, March 12, 2015

More Thursday, March 12th, 2015 . . NYC

Tony Conrad . Senga Nengudi . Toshiko Takaezu  | Events Calendar

Tony Conrad . Senga Nengudi . Toshiko Takaezu

Art opening   
On view 
Essex Street
East Village / Lower East Side | 
114 Eldridge Street, 
New York

The Sultanate of Oman Geography, Religion and Culture | Events Calendar

The Sultanate of OmanGeography, Religion and Culture
Kim Newman

The Great Hall at The Cooper Union
Greenwich Village / West Village | 

7 E. 7th Street, 
New York

Daniel Horowitz 
"Planned Obsolescence"
 curated by Mitra Khorasheh and Elise Herget 
Department Of Signs and Symbols
54 Hudson avenue

Russell Roberts 
"Paper Bed Concrete Head" 
Heskin Contemporary