Tuesday, June 2, 2015



I’m excited to announce that I am embarking on an exciting new adventure. 

Recompense is a comic book series about a Super-heroine who fights bullies, 

based on myself, 

Seraphim Penumbra.

Please visit my Kickstarter page 

and if you are able, 

please pledge a donation.

If you are not, 

please help me make this work come to life 

by sharing my Kickstarter page with your networks! 

Thanks very much for your time and consideration! 


Seraphim Penumbra 

Push here 

to view Recompense kickstarter page

Recompense is a brand new comic series written by Phil Retamoza.

The main character, 


is an awkward teen tormented by bullies constantly. 

Ben transforms into Super-heroine Seraphim Penumbra, 

a beautiful transgender alien with six wings and the powers of an empath. 

The two share a consciousness and become a new being, 

named Recompense, 

and Seraphim guides Ben through his trials and identity, 

while avenging the bullies who torture kids. 

Seraphim Penumbra is a real life transgender performance artist 


advocate for trans equality. 

Seraphim appears regularly in *Otherwise* 

a trans cabaret show 

used as a platform to educate and inspire people 

about transgender rights and equality.

Seraphim is also the author of Living Penumbra, 

Seraphim's own story of transformation 

told through a series of journal entries 

written over a fifteen year time period.

- Recompense

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