Friday, June 26, 2015

Saturday, June 27th -> Sunday, June 28th, 2O15 . . NYC

Set your clocks. Find a good pair of sneakers. 

And make sure there’s plenty of space on your phone.

Starting Lower Manhattan will play host to an epic scavenger hunt. 

Organized by Platinum Properties

the event will take place throughout the neighborhood and will run for two days, 

June 27th and June 28th.

At exactly, 9 locations will be marked on Platinum Properties’ social media sites as destinations for the hunt. 

In order to participate, 
contestants must post a picture of themselves at each designated location on Instagram using the hashtag #PlatinumDistrict. 

The locations can be visited by contestants and posted on Instagram in any order.

The first and second people to post all 9 pictures will be the winners. 

If no one is able to find all 9 spots, 

the contestant who posted the most locations in the fastest time will win. 

Knowing your way around Lower Manhattan 
(or having a handy Downtown Alliance walking map

will give you a definite edge.

The hunt will begin at 8 am on Saturday, June 27th and end at  on Sunday, June 28th

It will take place throughout Lower Manhattan and is open to anyone over the age of 18.

The first place prize is $500 plus two VIP tickets to the Toasting the Town Event “New York Heritage Salon and Bounty”. 

Second place winners will receive $100.

The winners will be announced through a tag on Instagram. 

Prizes can be picked up at the Platinum Properties offices: 

30 Wall St., 11th floor NY, NY 10005.

Click here for official rules.

Happy hunting.

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