Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Saturday, August 15th, 2015 .. NYC

The Joseph Gross Gallery welcomes Athletes for Art

a unique organization that encourages artistic expression to promote building relationships, 

stimulate imaginations, 

express various viewpoints, 

and inspire athletes to become global ambassadors for change. 

Please join us 

for the Opening Reception of Athletes for Art "Renaissance Tour" 

being held Saturday August 15th. 

The exhibition showcases a variety of work by a range of gifted athletes, 

both professional and collegiate. 

Featured Artists:

 Elizabeth Hammons

Daniel Hibbert

Brian Kirhagis (BK The Artist)

Desmond Mason

Aaron Maybin

Jon Moody

Nikki Nellen

Gabe Richesson



Kennedy Yanko

Special guests:

Former member of the NBA Desmond Mason

Live performance by Sony recording artist, AMBRI.

● August 15, 2015

6pm - ­ 8pm (Opening night)

● August 20, 26, 31, 2015 

6pm - ­ 8pm

● September 5, 2015

6pm - ­ 8pm (Closing night)

AART events are designed to fuse a contagious juxtaposition of mind and body expression, through an amazing array of art enthusiasts, youth culture celebrities, athletes and influencers. A portion of proceeds from art sales are donated to a charitable cause that aligns with the AART mission. AART has recently expanded from three major cities to seven, including Miami, New York, LA, San Francisco, South Hampton, Austin, TX and internationally, London. AART first launched its exhibit in Hollywood, CA the day before the Espys and has since increased its roster of artists from 4 to 50. 
Athletes for Art Renaissance Tour "Perception"