Saturday, August 8, 2015

More Saturday, August 8th, 2015 .. Other places

is FINALLY ready to launch.

You're invited to stop by and celebrate our opening 

[and my birthday] 

on Saturday

 or during Petersburg's Friday for the Arts on August 14th

What is The Art Room? Well... it's A 

1. dream come true

2. place to work, display my art and the art of others

3. cozy spot for workshops, meetings and small events

4. retail space featuring fine art, craft, and interesting objects

5. gallery devoted to unique juried shows, ideas and

6. showcase for social justice. No haters, please.

The artists in The Art Room include moi, Lisa Mistry, Ally Stallcup and Ibby & Ommie... 

you'll find paper mosaics, 

mixed media, 






You might find us working any time you stop by.

It's casual, so don't be surprised if we're in our pajamas, eating yogurt or dancing around... 

This is our studio, after all.


The Art Room | The Art Room | 10 Bollingbrook | Petersburg | VA | 23803