Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Theatre Meets Reality TV

Ten – 1-2 hour Television Episodes that follow an Off-Broadway Musical from Casting to Opening Night to Cast Party. 

Segments center on casting competitions, 
the stories of actors coming to New York to make it big, 
dancing lessons, 
actors conflicting with one another 

and the technology and styling of lights, costumes and sets.

Franchise: Theality TV/LHOF LLC – © Robert Gould 2015

Season One Overview:

Little House on the Ferry – 2 Act Musical Comedy with 16 songs based on a share house in Fire Island, 

June 2011 the weekend that Marriage Equality passes in New York State with a Drag Queen and a Blow Up Doll. 

Shot in a TV studio with almost no sets with theater seating for a live audience in the New York regional area as well as NYC street scenes.

. . 

Hey guys,

Mr Gould/ LHOF reality show is casting for a pilot to shop to networks.

* Must be available March 15/ 16th to tape video reel.

* Contact Rob Gould with your headshot, resume (singing/ dancing/etc).

* If you have any questions about this project - feel free to ask Rob in your email to him.

* email Mr Rob Gould/ LHOF:


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