Friday, January 26, 2018


Thursday, January 25th, 2018 

Tonight Museum of Modern Art opened their doors after hours for a private VIP launch celebrating their first Fashion Design exhibit in over 70 years.

Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giodanetti with Kristen Parsons of MoMA hosted a stylish tour of the new exhibit including 111 clothing articles as well as accessories featuring 3 Swatch artists.

The Swatch Club's unique perspectives by Giodanetti highlighted some of the boldest statements in fashion yet.

Red lipstick, jumpsuits, bathsuits, surgical masks, t-shirts, platforms, suits as well as many other popular items were on display with a brief history on each.

Guests were encouraged to take notice of the shapes of the bodies and how adding a specific item to one's self is quite transforming. 

Feel free to visit the exhibit at MoMA this weekend to witness first-hand. 

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Adena Geiger @adenadawn

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