Saturday, March 31, 2018


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Model: Angelala

mua: DjColby for MAC cosmetics


* What has been your inspiration to dedicate yourself to music?  

Dezi 5:  "My inspiration has always been humanity. I want the world to get along just as much as they do when they are on the dance floor when I am performing."

* When you crucified yourself on the cross during a performance, no one complained? Were you afraid of the reaction of the Catholic Church? Here in Spain, it's possible you would have been arrested. .

Dezi 5: " When I performed the Crucifixion it was kinda like Eve in the Garden of Eve, it was totally desired by the club kids. I lost some great musicians and maybe more gigs in Texas, people called me sacrilegious. I wasn't afraid of the Catholic Church because the worst thing you can do is kill me, I if I am not mistaking thou shalt not KILL."

* Now, you just performed at the legendary rock club, The Bitter End. What does this mean for you? How was your show received? How was this show different for you?

Dezi 5: " This show means a lot because some of my favorite national artists have played that stage, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Curtis Mayfield, and Norah Jones. The show was received well and I was told that no one has turned that place out the way I did. It wasn't different from any other show because it was ME."

* What projects do you have in store from DEZI 5 this year?

Dezi 5: "I am working on new remixes and a few singles with a handful of noted New York LGBT performers and recording artists. I have a brand new album coming soon and I  am performing at SXSW for my label 11A Records."

Thank you for your time, DEZI and hope to see you perform in Europe soon

- Lydia Z. (Spain)